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The goals of audit

The aim of websites audit is to analyze the main characteristics of the sites in order to have possibility to correct technical mistakes, which search bots can see, as well as usability. Thus we pursue the goal to improve behavior factors and presence of the site on the Internet, also the trust of the search systems increases. With due attention to our recommendations future costs on promotion will decrease ten times.

What does website audit include?

Website audit includes forming detailed list of recommendations on many criteria concerning technical aspects: optimization, site content structuring, adaptability for mobile devices. With that you will get recommendations on comfortable using—usability affecting behavior factors. Besides the report includes analysis of the external factors: traffic resources, amount of external links and their influence and search visibility.

What can website audit give?

Using the list of corrections you can make changes thus improving characteristics, usability and search systems trust. This will help to increase conversion, to speed up promotion of your resource and to give growth to the qualitative traffic.


Terms of website audit depend on the size of the website. Approximate term for company promo-site is 7 consecutive days.

How can you order the website audit?

If you want to order website audit, you should call us or write to our e-mail address, describing your preferences, questions and specifying your resource. When we get acquainted with your resources on the Internet, we will make the analysis and present you the report at all points, which could be found in an integrated advertising campaign. After that you can decide if you need to make integrated advertising campaign, detailed audit of the site or independent examination of the current advertising campaign.

Independent examination

Independent examination

Independent examination of the existing advertising campaign

Integrated advertising campaigns

Integrated advertising campaigns

We are producing integrated advertising campaigns on the internet

Audit of websites

Audit of websites

Audit and references for improvement of the main characteristics of websites

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