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The goals of independent examination

The aim of the analysis of the existing advertising campaign is to edit the current advertising strategy. Also we set an aim to find new sources of advertising and if necessary, we exclude the existing sources of advertising in order to correct the budget and increase conversion.

What does it include?

Independent examination allows to discover strengths and weaknesses of the existing advertising campaign and to identify new traffic resources. Also we correct the semantic core in use and determine geolocation of the target audience to optimize the budget. With that we will give you recommendations how to change your advertisements and how to tune advertisement areas to have possibility to use tools of re-marketing.

What does independent examination of advertising campaign give you?

Using recommendations, which were formed during this independent examination of the existing advertising campaign, will help to correct advertising strategy. This in turn will result in considerable budget cutting within the same target audience coverage and increasing conversion rates. In consequence the sales will increase maintaining the same level of costs. Entry to new markets and strengthening positions are possible. Also we can use delayed sales. In the end all these actions will increase conversion rates.


Terms depend on the existing advertising campaign.

How can you order analysis of the existing advertising campaign?

If you want to order analysis of the existing advertising campaign, you should call us or write to our e-mail address, describing your preferences, questions and specifying your resource. When we get acquainted with your resources on the Internet, we will make the analysis and present you the report at all points, which could be found in an integrated advertising campaign. After that you can decide if you need to make integrated advertising campaign, detailed audit of the site or independent examination of the current advertising campaign.

Independent examination

Independent examination

Independent examination of the existing advertising campaign

Integrated advertising campaigns

Integrated advertising campaigns

We are producing integrated advertising campaigns on the internet

Audit of websites

Audit of websites

Audit and references for improvement of the main characteristics of websites

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