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The goals of integrated advertising

The aim of integrated advertising is to form and implement strategy for maximum attention drawing to brand, goods or service. Ideally, we will launch mechanisms of automatic traffic generation from different sources and attract target audience in reasonable amount of time.

What does integrated advertising include?

Integrated advertising includes finding and using behavior factors of your target audience, searching for basic niches and micro-markets of interested communities, forming the strategy for attracting attention to brand, goods or service, including inner optimization of the existing site. In such a way we get opportunity for maximum coverage in search systems upon mid- and low-frequency requests without expenses on advertising networks, thus we can optimize budgets. We prepare and launch contextual advertising campaigns, form proper target audience in social networks and videoservices. We assure to form steady brand recognition among prospective buyers.

What can integrated advertising give?

The integrated advertising provides maximum reach of permanently generated target audience. It allows to form and support interest in brand, product and service. Conversion grows not only on a direct basis but also implicitly via network channels. It gives us possibility to implement different marketing strategies. We can use remarketing widely.


Long-term planning. There is opportunity of getting feedback from the first days of work.

How can you order integrated advertising campaign?

If you want to order integrated campaign, you should call us or write to our e-mail address, describing your preferences, questions and specifying your source. When we get acquainted with your resources on the Internet, we will make the analysis and present you the report at all points, which could be found in an integrated advertising campaign. After that you can decide if you need to make integrated advertising campaign, detailed audit of the site or independent examination of the current advertising campaign.

Independent examination

Independent examination

Independent examination of the existing advertising campaign

Integrated advertising campaigns

Integrated advertising campaigns

We are producing integrated advertising campaigns on the internet

Audit of websites

Audit of websites

Audit and references for improvement of the main characteristics of websites

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