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The aim of contextual advertising

Contextual advertising is aimed at direct showing ads to the interested audience. We provide quick reach to great amount of servers and displaying information in search systems on advertising spaces. We cover bigger audience than can be covered by simple promotion.

What does contextual advertising include?

Contextual advertising includes preparing strategy basing on product and service analysis as well as analysis of the competitors. We draw up ads and control the servers, where place them. After test period we change the strategy and correct the budget thus aiming at optimization of the costs on client capture. Over the longer term we perform monitoring of the competitors’ behavior and undertake counter-moves.

What does contextual advertising give?

Contextual advertising gives fast coverage using a lot of servers. We can test marketing strategies on the existing target audience in short terms. Moreover it allows to enter the market with low expenses and to announce of product or service. Implicitly we can support and even raise the interest in brand.


We can launch advertising in short terms. After building up the strategy we can perform the launch in 1-2 consecutive days.

How can you order contextual advertising

If you want to order contextual advertising you need to call us or write to our e-mail address, describing your requests and questions and specifying your resource. The service of contextual advertising is a part of integrated advertising campaign. It means that in any case when we get acquainted to your resources on the Internet, we will undertake analysis and render you a report at all points, which are presented at our integrated advertising campaign. After that you can decide whether you need to make contextual advertising or to order just advertising placement.

Independent examination

Independent examination

Independent examination of the existing advertising campaign

Integrated advertising campaigns

Integrated advertising campaigns

We are producing integrated advertising campaigns on the internet

Audit of websites

Audit of websites

Audit and references for improvement of the main characteristics of websites

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