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The goal of promotion in social networks

Promotion in social networks is aimed at establishing niche communities to get feedback from target audience, to host events and to have focus group of products and services consumers at hand. Besides direct attracting attention to products and services we set the goal to announce specialities and to test marketing strategies in certain network segment without great expenses.

What does promotion in social networks include?

Promotion includes filling community newsfeeds or groups and interaction with users. Community newsfeeds are filled with content in accordance to target audience demands. They are discovered during analysis at the preparatory stage. Also at this stage our experts study suggested service or product to know it better and to have ability to answer questions from audience. In cases when some technical moments become an issue, we ask client’s specialists for help. Besides we support feedback with the users in form of real-life communication. Unlike in case of obtrusive advertising we focus on deliberate attraction and supporting attention to advertised product or service.

What does promotion in social networks give?

Promotion in social networks gives opportunity for direct advertising of products and services in low-pressure form in the network segment presented by interested audience. Besides we get field for holding planned and spontaneous competitions and campaigns, which allow to draw attention to product or service in the shortest terms. Also group and community content can be controlled area with reviews.


It is preferable to maintain this process all the time. Minimal time needed to form audience depends on many factors.

How can you order promotion in social networks?

If you want to order promotion in social networks you need to call us or write to our e-mail address, describing your requests and questions and specifying your resource. The service of promotion in social networks is a part of integrated advertising campaign. It means that in any case when we get acquainted to your resources on the Internet, we will undertake analysis and render you a report at all points, which are presented at our integrated advertising campaign. After that you can decide whether you need to make contextual advertising or to order just advertising placement.

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Independent examination

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Integrated advertising campaigns

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