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The aim of traffic generation

Traffic generation is aimed at building up and implementing strategy of attracting attention to brand, product or service. In a perfect way we launch mechanisms of automatic traffic generation and direct attraction of the target audience to the landing pages of the existing website or attraction to using present social networks service.

What does traffic generation include?

Finding and using behavior factors of your target audience, searching for basic niches and micromarkets of the interested communities. There is also building up strategy of attracting attention to brand, product or service including inner optimization of the existing website for the maximum reach in search systems. Launching mechanisms according to the developed strategy. As a rule we can separate different social services such as social networks, videoservices, communities and blogs of news aggregators . Supporting working of the channels, traffic resources and permanent searching for new ones.

What does traffic generation give?

Maximum reach of constantly generated target audience. Traffic generation helps to build up and support interest in brand, product or service. If inner factors of your own site are used, we can get broad traffic channel from search systems.


Long-term support up to launching the automatic generation. We attract a lot of attention from the very beginning and then support it and widen the target audience.

How can you order traffic generation from social networks?

If you want to order traffic generation from social networks you need to call us or write to our e-mail address, describing your requests and questions and specifying your resource. The service of traffic generation from social networks is a part of integrated advertising campaign. It means that in any case when we get acquainted to your resources on the Internet, we will undertake analysis and render you a report at all points, which are presented at our integrated advertising campaign.

Independent examination

Independent examination

Independent examination of the existing advertising campaign

Integrated advertising campaigns

Integrated advertising campaigns

We are producing integrated advertising campaigns on the internet

Audit of websites

Audit of websites

Audit and references for improvement of the main characteristics of websites

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